We are pleased to announce a partnership with DWOLLA to help us make our direct deposit payments. Best of all, these payments are still free and the payment threshold is now only $1!

As such, we now require all direct deposit payees to create a DWOLLA account and connect it with ScaleLab.

Please connect your account before September 29th to ensure on-time delivery of your direct deposit payment. The sooner you connect, the sooner we can pay you.

It's easy to connect

Just click here.

Make sure direct deposit is selected as your payment method, and then click the DWOLLA button to create and/or connect your DWOLLA account.

You'll know that you have successfully connected your DWOLLA account when the ScaleLab payment settings page states:

✔️  Your Dwolla account is connected

Why we're making this change

Previously, we made all direct deposits manually through our bank account. Our poor accounts payable specialist would spend a full day entering each payee into the bank website, and then send out everyone's monthly earnings individually. It was a tedious job for hundreds of direct deposit payments. We'd all then cross our fingers and hope that he sent the correct amount. Fortunately, he's pretty good.

Obviously, this process is time-consuming, error-prone, and not scalable. ScaleLab doing something not scalable? We know. Ironic in a non-cool, non-hipster way.

In comes DWOLLA.

The DWOLLA payment platform allows us to send direct deposit payments fast, easily, and securely. You no longer submit your private bank information to ScaleLab. Instead, you set your bank account number and routing number with DWOLLA and connect your DWOLLA account with ScaleLab. And that's it! ScaleLab will send your payment through your DWOLLA account to your bank account.

All current direct deposit payees are required to connect their DWOLLA account to continue receiving direct deposit payments. We know it's inconvenient, but we would be grateful for your cooperation with this change.

Please let us know if you have any questions or difficulty setting up your DWOLLA account.