• If your channel has more than 5K subscribers and monetization enabled, you are eligible to partner with ScaleLab and access these exclusive services.

  • Short-term Contract

    We're so confident that you'll love your partnership we don't require a long term commitment. If at any time you wish to leave, just let us know and we'll unlink your channel. It's that simple.

  • Video Monetization

    Monetizing your content is easy with ScaleLab. We automatically monetize all your videos and optimize ad formats for the highest possible CPM.

  • Timely and Transparent Payments

    We know how hard you work, which is why we make paying you completely painless. Unlike Google AdSense, our minimum payout is only $1. Get paid on the first of the month via Paypal, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Payoneer, Yandex, QIWI Wallet, or Direct Deposit.

  • Best Practices, Guidance, and Support

    Our partner dashboard focuses on providing tips and recommendations for optimizing your content and growing your audience. Plus, our YouTube Certified team works closely with you to increase your monthly views and subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Premium Apps and Audio Libraries

    Get exclusive access to royalty free music and sound effects libraries like Epdemic Sound and AudioMicro. Discover insights with VidIQ, monetize your covers with We Are The Hits, and create outros with OutroMaker.

  • Brand Sponsorships

    We connect our influencers with top-level brands to create international brand awareness campaigns that earn you additional revenue.

  • Referral System

    Earn extra money from inviting your friends and other YouTube creators to join ScaleLab. In addition to rewards and prizes, you'll receive 10% of ScaleLab's revenue share for each channel you refer.

  • Design Team

    Our graphics and design team will work with you on developing your brand and refining the look and feel of your channel. From your channel banner, avatar, or video thumbnails to intros and end cards, we'll help you find that professional but personal design that feels just right.

  • Channel Verification

    If you have more than 100k subscribers, we'll help you get your channel verified on YouTube. Your YouTube verification badge will help your followers distinguish your channel from fake accounts.

  • Rights Management (Content ID)

    Don't allow anyone to steal your work! If someone uses your content without permission, we will can help remove or monetize it on your behalf, you choose. Our team we can also help advise you on all copyright related issues.

  • ScaleLab Milestones

    Win prizes when reaching select subscriber and viewership milestones. We know how hard you work, and we want to reward you for your success!

  • Partner Manager Support

    Your channel will be assigned to a dedicated ScaleLab Partner Manager who will be your point person on everything you need help on. You can also contact our support team via email, Twitter or Facebook and Skype.